Spicepepper Garden brings real, fine Chinese food to you by professionally trained master chefs from China. Zi Ming Tong and his team have the vision to introduce the finest dining experience with food made only from fresh materials, natural ingredients, and flavorful spices. Flavor is the foundation of fine food. Spicepepper Garden brings unique homemade flavors selected from the famous Sichuan Cuisine and from other cuisines of China and the world. 

                          Dragon Roll and Phoenix Roll $18.95

                                     NEW! Sichuan Special 


                   Beer Duck啤酒鸭 - $14.95                             Dry fired fish filet干锅鱼片- $ 13.95


           Seafood w. Tofu in Casserole                                               Dry fried whole fish

                    砂锅海鲜 $ 14.95                                                             干锅全鱼   $ 22.95         


Valentine's Day Romantic Special
Mini Appetizer Platter 迷你小宝.                         $10.95
Valentine Salad 情人沙拉 $9.95
(Shrimp Tempura & Chicken Tempura with Special Dressing)
Crispy Aromatic Chicken 浪漫鸡                                     $13.95
Rosie Shrimp Scallop 玫瑰干贝虾                                   $16.96
Korean Tofu with Fish Hot Pot 韩国豆腐鱼煲                        $13.95
Enoki Mushroom with Shanghai Bokchoy 海之恋                $12.95
Hawaii Aromatic Shrimp 夏威夷浪漫虾                       $14.95
Pea Pod Leaf with Garlic Sauce 绿之恋                         $13.95
Happy Family 全家福                                                     $14.95
Sushi Valentine's Special
Dragon & Phoenix Maki 龙凤配卷        $16.95
Happy Val
entine’s Day!

Sichuan Cuisine is one of the four major Chinese cuisines that have a very long history. Sichuan food stands out with its unique flavors, natural colors, and superb presentations. Sichuan Cuisine has been developed over thousands of years, matured in thousands of unique dishes that one could hardly be able to taste them all.

川菜是中国四大著名菜系之一,历史悠久,源远流长。川菜讲究色、香、味、形,尤其重视 一个“味”字。川菜历经千年,迄今已有3000多个品种,数百种名菜,说不尽,道不绝

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