Chinese new years’ special


    Shredded duck with fish maw soup (For 2)       鸭丝鱼肚羹   $10.95

    Whole Fish with sour pickled                                酸菜全鱼     $22.95

   Golden Shrimp with Ginger Scallion                   葱爆大虾      $14.95

   Clam with black bean sauce                                  豉汁炒蚬      $9.95

   Homemade bacon with leeks                               蒜苗腊肉       $14.95

   Crispy spicy chicken                                                香辣鸡        $12.75

   Tea smoked duck                                                     樟茶鸭         $14.50

   Seafood with tofu in casserole                             海鲜砂锅      $15.95

   Pea Pod leaves                                                         豆苗            $16.95

   Rice cakes with pickled cabbage                         雪菜炒年糕   $9.95

   Eight Treasure rice                                                  八宝饭         $7.95

   Sweet Rice Ball                                                        美味汤圆      $4.95

   Sushi Special

   Dragon & Phoenix Maki                                         龙凤配        $17.95


   West Lake minced Beef Soup                           西湖牛肉羹      $8.95

   Dry fried whole fish                                          干锅全鱼           $22.95   

   Dry fired fish filet                                              干锅鱼片          $13.95

   Beer duck                                                           啤酒鸭             $14.95

   Pork stew in Mao style                                     毛式红烧肉      $11.50

   Double cooked fish filet                                    回锅鱼片          $13.95

   Crispy Spicy Shrimp                                         炝锅有头大虾   $14.95

   Fired exploded duck with Ginger                    火爆鸭丝          $14.75

   Bok choy with Chinese Mushroom                 冬菇菜心         $10.50      

   Sweet potato cakes                                           天府红薯饼        $6.95

Special order (must be order 24 hours before), and all orders are market price

        Lobster                                                             双龙

        Crab                                                                   大闸蟹   

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