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Sichuan Cuisine is one of the four major Chinese cuisines that have a very long history. Sichuan food stands
out with its unique flavors, natural colors, and superb presentations. Sichuan Cuisine has been developed
over thousands of years, matured in thousands of unique dishes that one could hardly be able to taste them
川菜是中国四大著名菜系之一 , 历史悠久 , 源远流长 。 川菜讲究色 、 香 、 味 、 形 , 尤其重视  一个 “ 味 ” 字 。
川菜历经千年,迄今已有 3000  多个品种,数百种名菜,说不尽,道不绝.
e Chinese n Sichuan n Asian  cuisine& e Fine g long e bar&Japanese i sushi  bar
Presents Selection of Famous Chinese Sichuan Cuisine
Notice: Before placing your order, please inform your server if anyone of
your party has a food allergy.
汤类 Soup
蛋花汤 汤 Egg Drop & Corn Soup, 1.95
酸辣汤 汤 Hot & Sour Soup, 1.95
海汤 鲜汤 Seafood Soup (for 2), 10.75
抄手汤 汤 Wonton Soup (for 1), 2.95, for(2) 5.50
酸菜 鱼 片 汤 Fish Filet in Sour Pickle Soup (for 2), 8.75
酸菜粉 丝汤 Rice Noodle w. Sour Pickle Soup (for 2), 7.50
榨 菜肉 丝汤 Shredded Pork in Sichuan Pickle Soup (for 2), 7.50
蟹肉芦笋 汤 Crab Meat and Asparagus Soup (for 2), 9.50
蔬菜豆腐 汤 Tofu and Vegetable Soup (for 2), 7.35
汤 鸡茸玉米汤 Chicken corn Soup (for2) 7.95
汤 西湖牛肉汤 West Lake Minced beef Soup (for2) 8.95
味曾汤 Japanese Miso Soup 1.95
小吃 Appetizer
上海春卷 Spring Rolls (2), 4.15
葱油饼 饼 Scallion Pancake, 5.25
锅贴 Pan Fried Pork Dumplings (Peking Ravioli, 6), 6.15
蒸 饺 Steamed Pork Dumplings (6), 6.15
鸡 翅 Crispy Chicken Wings (6), 7.25
指 金手指 Fried Chicken Fingers, 7.75
蟹角 Crab Rangoon (8), 7.15
牛肉串 Beef on Skewers (6), 8.15
鸡 肉串 Chicken on Skewers (6), 7.15
无骨排 Boneless Spare Ribs Oven Roasted, 6.95
宝宝盘 盘 Baobao Platter (for 2) 17.95(Prices depending on substitutions)
Spring Rolls ,Boneless Spare Ribs, Chicken Fingers, Beef Sticks,
Chicken Wings, Crab Rangoon,
迷你小宝 mini appetizer platter: 10.95
tempura shrimp, Japanese steam Shao Mai, steam dumpling,
beef teriyaki
Hot dishes indicated by
Daily special
Suggested enjoy with wine beer, and special
Chinese Sichuan Dishes
夫妻肺片 Fu-Qi Beef and Tendon Slices, 7.50
麻辣牛筋 Ma La (Hot-and-Numbing) Beef Tendon, 7.25
五香牛肉 Beef Slice with Sichuan Spices, 7.25
蒜泥白肉 Bacon Slices in Spicy Garlic Sauce, 7.25
香油筍尖 Bamboo Shoots with Sesame Sauce, 6.15
红 油筍尖 Bamboo Shoots with Spicy Red Oil,6.15
酸辣木耳 Wood Ear Mushroom in Spicy and Sour Sauce, 6.15
樟茶 鸭 Sichuan Tea Smoked Duck, 14.35
川味小吃Sichuan Delicacies
牛肉面 Beef Noodle Soup, 8,15
酸菜 鸡丝 面 Chicken Noodle Sour Pickle Soup, 7.75
榨 菜肉 丝 面 Pork Noodle Spicy Pickle Soup, 7.75
清 汤 炸 酱 面 Zha Jiang Pork Noodle Soup, 7.75
红 油炸 酱面 面 Zha Jiang Pork Noodle Soup topped w. Red Oil, 7.75
川味凉面 Cold Noodle in Sichuan Sauce, 5.25
担担面 Dan Dan Noodle, 5.25
酸辣抄手 Wonton in Spicy and Sour Soup, 4.75
川味凉粉 Starch Jelly Noodle w Spicy Sauce, 4.75
红 油水饺 饺 Handmade Dumpling in Red Oil, 5.95
海鲜 Seafood
海 鲜 大烩 烩 Sea Food Delight (Scallop, Shrimp, Fish Filet, Crab Meat,
Calamari) 15.75
蒜茸大 虾 Jumbo Shrimp with Garlic Sauce, 14.75
干 烧 大 虾 Dry Braised Jumbo Shrimp, 14.95
陈 皮大 虾 Tangerine Jumbo Shrimp, 14.75
椒 盐 大 虾 Salt-and-pepper Jumbo Shrimp, 14.75
果汁大 虾 Jumbo Shrimp in Fruit Flavor Dressing, 14.75
干 烧鲜贝 Dry Braised Scallop, 15.25
煳 辣 鲜贝 Scallop with Dry-fried Chili, 15.25
黑椒 鲜贝 Scallop with Black Pepper Corn Sauce, 15.25
鱼 香 鲜贝 Scallop with Yu Xiang Sauce, 15.25
酥炸 鲜贝 Crispy Scallops, 15.25
Hot dishes indicated by
鱼类 Fish
沸 腾鱼 片 Fish Filet in Spicy Hotpot Broth, 19.95
香辣 炝锅鱼片 片 Crispy Spicy Fish Filet, 14.35
松子全 鱼 Crispy Whole Fish with Pine Nuts, 19.95
干 烧 全 鱼 Dry-Braised Whole Fish in Spicy Sauce, 16.95
豆瓣全 鱼 Whole Fish Braised in Chili Bean Sauce, 16.95
糖醋全 鱼 Sweet-and-sour Crispy Whole Fish, 16.95
酸菜全 鱼 Whole Fish with Pickled Greens, 16.95
水煮 鱼 片 Fish Filet in a Fiery Sauce, 14.35
泡椒 鱼 片 Fish Filet with Pickled Pepper, 14.35
农 家 鱼 片 Fish Filet Farmhouse Style, 14.35
家常 鱼 片 Fish Filet Home Style, 14.35
鲜 溜 鱼 片 Fish Filet in White Sauce, 14.35
糖醋 鱼 片 Sweet-and-sour Fish Filet, 14.35
芝然 鱼 片 Fish Filet Cumin Flavor, 14.35
牛羊肉类 类 Beef or Lamb
川味 宫牛 保牛 Gong Bao Beef w. Peanuts, 12.35
小椒牛肉丝 丝 Hot Green Pepper Beef Slivers, 12.35
葱爆牛肉丝 丝 Scallion Beef Slivers, 12.35
干 煸 牛肉丝 丝 Dry-fried Beef Slivers, 14.35
川味牛肉豆花 Beef and Tofu in Spicy Chili Sauce, 12.35
水煮牛肉 Beef Slices in a Fiery Sauce, 12.35
麻辣羊肉 Ma La (Spicy and Numbing) Lamb, 14.35
孜然羊肉 Cumin Lamb, 14.35
鸡鸭类 Chicken or Duck
四川 宫 保 鸡 Gong Bao Chicken with Peanuts,10.25
四川 酱 味 鸡 Chicken with Soy Bean Paste Sauce, 10.25
香辣干 煸鸡 Dry-fried Chicken in Hot Dry Red Pepper, 12.15
三椒干 煸鸡 Dry-braised Chicken in Mixed Hot Peppers, 11.15
水煮 鸡 Chicken in a Fiery Sauce, 11.25
鱼 香 鸡 Yu Xiang Flavor Chicken, 10.25
香辣左 鸡 Sichuan Spicy General Tao’s Chicken, 12.15
咖喱鸡 Curry Chicken, 10.15
芝然 鸡 Cumin Chicken, 12.15
鲜 溜 鸡丝 Chicken Slivers in White Sauce,10.25
火爆丝 鸭丝 Fire-exploded Shredded Duck with Ginger, 14.35
Hot dishes indicated by
肉类 类 Pork
回 锅 肉 Double Cooked Bacon, 11.25
川味 盐 煎肉 Salt-fried Pork, 11.25
红烧狮 子 头 Sichuan Meat Ball, 11.25
鱼 香肉 丝 Yu Xiang Flavor Pork Slivers, 10.25
小椒肉 丝 Shredded Pork w Hot Green Pepper, 10.25
京 酱 肉 丝 Pork Slivers with Soy Bean Paste (BJ) Sauce, 10.25
筍尖肉 丝 Pork Slivers and Bamboo Shoots, 10.25
木耳肉 丝 Pork Slivers with Wood Ear Mushroom, 10.25
香干肉 丝 Pork Slivers with Spiced Tofu,10.25
肉末姜豆 Minced Pork with Pickled Long String Bean, 10.25
蚂蚁 上 树 Bean Thread Noodle with Minced Pork, 9.75
火爆腰花 Fire-exploded Kidney Flowers, 11.25
Mandarin Interesting Dishes
Tangerine chicken $12.15 Beef $13.95 Shrimp $14.75
General Tao's chicken$12.15 Tofu$11.95 Shrimp $14.75
Crisp Sesame chicken$12.15. Beef$13.95. Shrimp$14.75
Yu Xiang garlic sauce With Chicken$10.25 beef $12.35 Shrimp $14.75
腰果鸡 Chicken with Cashew. $11.25
chicken 、Beef 、Shrimp with Broccoli $10.25 $12.35 $14.75
Hunan spicy Chicken. $10.95. Beef $12.35
Chicken 、beef 、shrimp with vegetables $10.25 $12.35 $14.75
Fresh mushroom with chicken. $10.95 beef $12.75
Peapod with chicken. $11.95 or beef $13.95
Hot dishes indicated by
Chinese (Mandarin) Dishes
Chinese Chef’s Specials
Crispy Aromatic Chicken or beef $13.95 or shrimp $14.95
Beef,chicken,jumbo shrimp lightly-breaded then sauteed with fresh
mushrooms and broccoli over a high flame in our Chef’s special spicy brown
sauce. 浪漫 鸡 、牛、 虾
Rosie Shrimp & Scallops $16.95
shrimp and scallops sauteed with light vegetables in our special garlic Tamarind sauce and
bed of steamed broccoli. 玫 瑰干貝、 虾
Black Pepper Beef $13.95 beef and scallop $16.95
Sizzling beef tenderloin with onion,fresh mushroom,and green & red
pepper in black pepper sauce. 铁 板  黑椒牛& 干貝、牛
Mongolian Chicken or beef $13.95
Sizzling tender chicken or beef with onions,scallions,and assorted vegetables in a special
sauce. 蒙古 鸡 、牛
Mango Chicken $13.95
Chicken sauteed with fresh mango and selected vegetables in mango sauce. 芒果 鸡
Thai Spicy Chicken $13.95
Tender chicken fresh basil and garlic,and assorted vegetables,chili and garlic fragrant prawn
paste. 泰国 鸡
Coconut Shrimp $13.95
Crispy baby shrimps with coconut,honey, and bed of steamed broccoli. 椰子 虾
Pineapple Shrimp $14.95
Jumbo shrimp lightly-breaded crispy.on pineapple chunk Chef’s mayonnaise sauce and bed
of steamed broccoli. 箥箩虾
Avocado Shrimp $14.95
Jumbo shrimp sauteed with fresh avocado, tomato,assorted vegetables,and Chef’s
sauce. 牛油果 虾
Lemon Chicken $13.95
Tender crispy chicken with lemon served with Chef’s lemon sauce. 柠 檬 鸡
Happy Family $14.95
Jumbo shrimp beef,chicken,roast pork, and assorted vegetables. 全家福
House Sizzling Special $16.95
Served sizzling with scallops,jumbo shrimp,crab meat, and assorted vegetables with
Chef’s sauce. 本楼 铁 板海 鲜
Hot dishes indicated by
蔬菜 Vegetable
家常豆腐 Home Style Tofu, 9.95
水煮豆腐 Tofu in a Fiery Sauce, 10.95
麻婆豆腐 Ma Po Tofu with Ground Pork (Original), 9.95
) 麻婆豆腐(素) Ma Po Tofu (Vegetarian), 9.50
干 煸 四季豆 Dry-fried Green Beans, 9.50
青椒四季豆 Dry-fried Green Beans and Hot Green Pepper, 9.50
鱼 香茄子 Eggplant in Yu Xiang Sauce, 9.50
九 层 塔茄子 Basil Eggplant, 9.50
鱼鳞 茄子 Whole Eggplant in Yu Xiang Sauce, 12.95
鱼 香芥 兰 Broccoli Yuxiang Flavor, 8.95
冬菇菜心 Mushroom and Shanghai Bok Choy, 9.95
蒜炒上海菜 Shanghai Bok Choy with Garlic Sauce,9.50
素什 锦 Vegetable Delight, 8.95
酸菜土豆 丝 Shredded Potato with Sour Pickle Green, 8.75
青椒土豆 丝 Shredded Potato with Hot Green Pepper, 8.75
糖醋 炝莲 白 Dry Stir Fried Sweet-sour Cabbage, 8.75
虎皮青椒 Dry-fried Hot Green Pepper, 9.95
中国 时菜 令菜 Seasonal Chinese Vegetables, Market Price
蒜炒豆 苖 Pea pod Leaf With garlic sauce. M/P
蒜炒空心菜 Water Spinach with Garlic Sauce M/P
Lighter Fare(all Dishes are Steamed)
清蒸素菜 虾 Steamed Shrimp and Vegetables, 13.95
清蒸素菜 鸡 Steamed Chicken and Vegetables, 10.25
清蒸素什 锦 Steamed Vegetable Delight, 8.75
Polynesian Dishes
須 木須 Moo Shi(choice Beef,Pork,chicken,shrimp ,veggie) 8.95
These dishes sauteed contain scallion,egg,cabbage,Wood ear
mushroom served with four pancakes in brown Chef’s sauce.
容 蛋 Egg Foo Young(choice beef pork chicken shrimp
mushroom) 8.95
甜酸鸡 Sweet and sour Chicken. $9.95
炒面 chow mein(choice beef pork chicken shrimp veggie)8.95
龙糊水 Lobster Sauce. $8.75
These dishes sauteed brown gravy ground pork in brown bean sauce
Hot dishes indicated by
炒 饭 ,面 类, Rice, Fried Rice and Noodle
本楼炒 饭 House Fried Rice, 8.50
炒 饭 Fried Rice( 牛 Beef ,叉 烧肉 肉 Pork, ,鸡 鸡 Chicken, ,虾 虾 Shrimp, ,  素菜
Veggie), 7.75
本楼 捞 面 House Lo Mein, 8.50
捞 面 Lo Mein ( 牛 Beef ,肉 Pork, ,鸡 鸡 Chicken, ,虾 虾 Shrimp ,菜 Veggie),
炒 乌 冬面 Yakima udon(choice beef baby shrimp veggie). 8.95
Sauteed with vegetables and Yaki Udon in black soy sauce.
星州米粉 Singapore rice noodle(choice spicy or not spicy) 8.50
Sauteed rice noodle with curry sauce
泰面 Pad Thai(Thai noodle) (Choice chicken ,baby shrimp) 8.95
Thai noodles and wok fried in special peanut sauce,bean
sprout,and egg
海 鲜两黄 面黄 Fried Noodle Seafood Delight, 13.95
两 面黄 Fried Noodle with (虾 虾 Shrimp, 12.95, 牛 牛 Beef, 12.95,  鸡
Chicken, 11.25  菜 Veggie, 10.95)
黄 饭 Steamed Brown Rice, 1.95
白 饭 Steamed White Rice, 1.35
中式甜点 Chinese Dessert
炸香蕉 Fried Banana, 4.50
炸冰淇凌 Fried Ice Cream, 5.95
冰淇凌 Ice Cream, Choice of Vanilla, Strawberry, 4.50
天府 红 薯 饼 Sweet Potato Cakes, Sweet Red Bean Paste Stuffing, 6.95
美味 汤圆 Sweet Rice Ball Soup, Glutinous Rice Ball with Sweet
Sesame Stuffing, 4.95
Hot dishes indicated by , flavor strength may be altered upon request.
Certain dishes (Gongbao) may contain peanuts, check with wait staff for allergy concerns.
Consuming raw or under cooked meat, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food
borne illness.
Mass. Meal Tax applies
Not responsiblefor lostarticles November,2014
Hot dishes indicated by
餐 午餐 Lunch Special Mon-Friday 11:30am-2:30pm, except Holidays, Served with
Complimentary Choices of White Rice or Fried Rice; Spring Roll or Crab Rangoon; Egg Drop
Soup or Hot and Sour Soup (Brown Rice add $1.50).* Noodle soup dishes not offered
complimentary rice or soup. No substitute please.
左宗 鸡 General Tso’s Chicken, 7.75
鱼 香 鸡丝 Yuxiang Chicken, 7.75
宫 保 鸡 Gongbao Chicken with Peanuts, 7.75
三椒干 煸鸡 Dry-braised Chicken in Hot Peppers, 7.75
芝麻 鸡 Sesame Chicken, 7.75
芥 兰鸡 Chicken with Broccoli, 7.75
腰果 鸡 Chicken with Cashew, 7.95
酱 味 鸡 Chicken with Soy Bean Paste Sauce, 7.75
小椒牛 Beef with Hot Green Pepper, 7.75
芥 兰 牛 Beef with Broccoli, 7.75
蔬菜牛 Beef with Vegetables, 7.75
鱼 香肉 丝 Yu Xiang Pork Slivers, 7.75
回 锅 肉 Double Cooked Bacon, 7.75
笋尖肉 丝 Pork with Bamboo Shoots, 7.75
盐 煎肉 Salt-fried Pork, 7.75
磨菇鸡片 Moo Gai Pan, 7.75
鲜熘鱼 片 Fish Filet Stir Fried in White Sauce, 8.50
麻婆豆腐 Ma Po Tofu, 7.15
干 煸 四季豆 Dry Fried String Bean, 7.15
素什 锦 Vegetable Delight, 6.75
牛肉面 Beef Noodle Soup*, 8.15
排骨面 Spare Rib N
榨 菜肉 丝 面 Pork Noodle Sichuan Pickle Soup*, 7.75
酸菜 鸡丝 面 Chicken Noodle Sour Pickle Soup*, 7.75
红 油炸 酱 面 Zha Jiang Pork Noodle Red Oil Soup*, 7.75
清 汤 炸 酱 面 Zha Jiang Pork Noodle Soup, 7.75
Lunch Combo
Serve hot and sour soup, egg drop soup,or fried rice/white rice. $8.50
Combo1:Egg roll,Boneless Spare Ribs and Chicken fingers
Combo2:Chicken Wing,Crab Rangoon and beef Teriyaki
Hot dishes indicated by
Sushi - Lunch Specials
M-F 11:30am-2:30pm, Except Holidays, Served with Miso Soup and Salad
Chef’s Combo-L, 2 pcsTuna Sushi,Salmon Sushi,andSpicy Tuna roll $10.95
Makimono Combo-L,S Spicy Tuna, Una-avo, Sake Roll $11.95
Sashimi Lunch, Chef’s Choice, 9 pcs of Assorted Fish $11.95
Spicy Combo-L, 1 Roll Spicy Salmon and 1 Roll Spicy Kanikama $9.95
Sushi Lunch, 6 pcs of Nigiri Sushi & 1 Roll California Maki $10.95
Unadon-L , $12.95
Lunch Specials- Make your Maki combo
Choice of the Following Two Rolls Served with o Miso p Soup and d Salad $8.95
芦荀蟹卷 Asparagus & Crab Roll Spicy California Roll
Avocado orAsparagus or Cucumber Roll
辣蟹卷 Spicy Crab Roll
炸鸡卷 Chicken Tempura Roll
Spicy Salmon Roll
蟹卷 Crab Roll Spicy Tuna Roll
Spicy Yellow Tail Roll Tuna Roll
Eel Cucumber Roll White Tuna Roll
Salmon orAvocado Roll 蔬菜卷 Vegetable Roll  红
薯卷 Sweet Potato Roll Tuna Avocado Roll
Japanese Bento Box
Serve with miso soup,house salad,California maki Japanese steam shumai and white rice. $8.95
General Gau’s Chicken
Sesame Crispy Chicken
CrispyAromatic Chicken
Gongbao Chicken or Beef
Chicken or Beef in Garlic Sauce
Chicken with Cashew
Chicken or Beef Broccoli
Chicken with Fresh Mushroom
Beef with Fresh Mushroom
CrispyAromatic Shrimp
Hot dishes indicated by
S. P. G.



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