We present selections of famous Chinese Sichuan Cuisine and other foods enjoyed by people in China and the world

 Spicepepper Garden DESSERTS

 Chinese Dessert 中式甜点

DC1 炸香蕉 Fried Banana $4.95

DC2 炸冰淇凌 Fried Ice Cream $6.95

 DC3 冰淇凌Ice Cream, Choice of Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Vanilla, Strawberry, Cookie Dough $4.95

 DC4 甜豆花 Silken Tofu in Brown Sugar Syrup $5.95

 DC5 天府红薯饼 Sweet Potato Cakes, Sweet Red Bean Paste Stuffing $6.95

DC6 美味汤圆 Sweet Rice Ball (Glutinous Rice), Sweet Sesame Stuffing $4.95

 SPG Dessert 西式甜点 Small $3.95, Large $6.95

Boston Cream Cake

Cheese Cake

 Chocolate Cake

Hot dishes indicated by , flavor strength may be altered upon request.

Certain dishes (Gongbao) may contain peanuts, check with wait staff for allergy concerns. 


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